10/11/18 Kansas City – Chris Shiflett at Knuckleheads

Our trip started with a stop in Kansas City.  We both arrived the day of Chris Shiflett’s acoustic show, which was the day before the Foo show. Juliette made it to a lunch time show, and we met up at a casino with the other friends for lunch.   We had a blast, and went to Shifty’s show later that night.  His opening act was a different, and had a stomp box that kept us on our toes.  Shifty had an awesome acoustic set, and the sound at Knuckleheads was phenomenal.  Shifty later did selfies with the audience, and a big group of us Foo friends got in one picture (possibly my favorite fan pic of the entire week).  It was my first time meeting Shifty, and I awkwardly said, “I’ll see you all week,” without explaining it.  However, Juliette gets the award for most awkward retort with a Foo.  She met Shifty at the lunchtime show that day too.  He mentioned something about her leather pants at noon on a weekday, the only thing she could blurt out was, “They’re pleather!” We joked about that the entire week, and tried not to say anything awkward to the Foos or their staff.  After Shifty’s show, we discussed our game plan for lining up the next morning with our other Foo friends for the Foos show.

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