10/13/18 St. Louis – Foo Fighters at Sprint Center

We left Kansas City about 1:30 a.m., and arrived in St Louis about 4:45 a.m.  We were intermingled on the interstate with Foo Fighters buses and their red semi-trucks the entire way to St. Louis.  Once we arrived, our friends checked into their hotel, and we got ready to get in line at the venue.  When I told people about our trip, everyone told me to be careful in St. Louis.  I kept thinking they were crazy, until I went there.  We almost died….multiple times.  We arrived at the venue, and our friends had warned us about the homeless people sleeping there.  We drove around and saw about 20-30 of them camped out right at the GA entrance over a heat source.  We decided to park across the street and wait it out there until they moved, or until the rest of our friends joined us about 7 a.m.  By about 6 a.m., we saw this girl with blankets, a chair and a backpack walking right toward the GA line entrance. Juliette jumped out and caught her.  She told her we’d been there for quite some time already, and didn’t want to be confronted by the homeless.  She didn’t care, and said she was getting in line.  So Juliette stayed, while I parked the car a couple of blocks away, and we started the line.  Within minutes, the venue sent someone out and the homeless people were shooed away.   Once it was light outside, we realized there wasn’t much around the venue.  There were very few places to eat or use the restroom.  Fortunately, we had a great security guy there, who let us use the bathroom inside the venue.  He did that throughout the day, and it was a lifesaver.  I was finally able to doze off for about 18 seconds around 11 a.m., when I heard a noise and looked up.  Parts were flying and a car was sliding, underneath a semi-trailer right toward the 40 something people line.  The Foos had a semi-truck waiting to be unloaded, and it was parked directly in between the line and the one-way street.  A car had somehow hit the trailer at almost a 90 degree angle, and started to slide underneath the semi.  It had been speeding and the driver texting.  If that semi-trailer wasn’t there, the car would have taken out almost everyone in line.  The driver was less concerned about his injured, children than the police searching his car, which contained drugs.  I believe he was eventually arrested.  After that excitement, none of us could sleep in the line.  There wasn’t much food around, so we put together sandwiches from the cooler in our car.  We were underneath a gold-colored awning all day, so it made the day slightly warmer.  By show time, we were told that we would be walked in, and walked down to the floor of the pit.  The venue held true to their word, and even honored our number system.  So we were numerically arranged after passing through security.  It was a dream for a venue to let us come inside for the bathrooms, and to be walked to the floor.  We were easily able to get our same spots for the second night, and were thrilled.

There were problems in the pit even before the concert started.  They served beer in the line, which we thought was awesome at the time.  By the time we made it to the rail, the super drunk guy behind us had already drunk a pitcher of beer.  I watched him drink 4 more cups in the pit.  He kept leaning over my friend, who was sitting on the ground, then kept touching me and saying, “Sorry, that was an accident.”  I ignored him.  His wife or daughter was with him, and she was just as plastered.  Finally after I kept ignoring him, and he kept grabbing me, he poured a glass of water all over my coat, which was tied around my waist.  Security threw him out after that, and his daughter stayed.  The entire show, she kept trying to get to the rail if we left an inch of open space.  It was to the point, we were jumping on her, because she would put her feet underneath ours while we were jumping.  Amy let another girl up to the rail for the last song, and the drunk girl tried to push her out of the way.  I thought she was going to start a fight.  It was by far the worst pit I’ve ever been in.  Foo fans are normally pretty chill.  Even with the chaos, the concert was good.  It definitely wasn’t as energetic as the night before, but it was the exact same set list too.  The band seemed to recognize us from the night before, and Taylor sang part of Under Pressure to Juliette again.  Some of our favorite Foo friends left after this show, and Sarah entrusted us with her Spurs picks for an inside joke with Shifty.

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