10/15/18 Detroit—Foo Fighters at Little Caesar’s Arena

After Shifty’s show, we made plans with our friends for the next morning, and went to check in to our Alice in Wonderland-etsqe hotel room with bunkbeds.  We agreed to meet about 4 a.m., and line up then since it was a weekend show.  Our friends however couldn’t sleep and got there at 2 a.m.  We showed up a few minutes before 4, and were 7th and 8th in line.  The first few hours were very chaotic.  Several of us had called the venue to find out about the GA line, and were told that there would be multiple GA doors.  Nothing stresses us out more.  We were even more frantic when we compared stories from the venue, and found out that we were all told something different.  I private messaged the venue on Facebook about 4 a.m. to see if anyone could help us.  We heard nothing, so we lined up at multiple doors, based on their location to each side of the stage (Some of us wanted Pat’s side and others wanted Shifty’s side).  The rumor was that we would all be corralled into a beer garden (possibly with beer) later on in the morning.  It was very chilly out that morning, but we stayed relatively warm in our sleeping bags, until it started drizzling. By that point, we’d given up on staying dry.  There were maybe 20 of us there around 8 a.m. or so when the venue staff came out, and supposedly asked for me by name (That’s a bad sign).  Apparently, they were worried we would run to the floor and there would be issues, so the venue moved everyone and only opened 1 GA entrance.  It worked out perfectly for us, and we were at the correct door. We also MUCH prefer being walked down to the floor.  Since it was chilly and our hotel was a few blocks away, we only made one trip back, and that was to drop off our blankets/chairs/etc and grab lunch.  Downtown Detroit was not at all what I expected.  We were in a very nice neighborhood, and even had a Whole Foods within walking distance along with some great pizza places.  Not too long after we returned, security came out and gave a heads up that they would not be honoring our number system.  They told us we had 20 minutes to run errands and get back.  We would lose our spots if we left the beer garden and were not back within the 20 minutes.  Some of our friends had gone to a bar to grab a quick drink before the show.  They were probably 10-15th in line, and missed the renumbering.  They ended up being 50-60th after that, and they had been there since 5 a.m.  Fortunately, we did not have an issue.  Yeti also came out while we were corralled in the beer garden, and even talked to some of us and posed for pics.

Before the doors opened, the first 15 or so people compared specific spots on the rail.  Oddly enough, none of us wanted the same spot, so we made sure everyone got their spots on the rail.   When doors opened, we got right in and got our exact spots.  The show was excellent as usual.  They did mix a couple of songs up on the set list, but it was great.  Taylor even sang to Juliette again.  At the end of a show, the band or crew throws the guitar picks and drumsticks to fans.  Juliette managed to get another drum stick, and one of Dave’s used guitar picks fell right in front of me.  I begged a super nice roadie to give it to me, and he did.  Night made.  After the show we waited around for a bit to see if Juliette could get her new drumstick signed.  Sean came out and talked to us for a few minutes, gave us some more guitar picks, and posed for pics.  We told him that we were hoping to get Juliette’s stick signed.  He said to wait a couple of minutes, but that Taylor was still inside.  He took the stick, got it signed, and came back out.  The Foo crew is the BEST!  We waited a bit longer and talked to friends before heading back to our hotel room to get a few hours of sleep.

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