10/16/18 Milwaukee – Chris Shiflett show at Collectivo

By the next morning, we were still exhausted, but we at least had almost a full night’s sleep.  The  plan was to drop Juliette off in Kalamazoo to get a rental car, I would go to the Milwaukee show alone, and we’d meet up in the St. Paul line in a couple of days.  We packed up, said goodbye to our awesome Detroit friends, and headed west.   We got to the Kalamazoo airport to pick up the rental, but they refused to accept debit cards or cash, so Juliette was SOL.  She was upset that Milwaukee was the only show she had planned to miss, so this sealed the deal.  She decided to go to Milwaukee too. We felt like fate was up to something.  The entire 5.5 hour car ride, she was holding the signed, drumstick from the night before.  We were taking our time to get there, and stopped about halfway there to get gas.  We decided to scroll through our phones, and saw that a Foo crew member had posted a picture of their hotel, which looked eerily similar to the location of our Milwaukee hotel.  So the adrenaline kicked back in and we hurried to check in.  We got to the Milwaukee hotel and there were 2 black SUVs out front.  Very awesome.  We cleaned up and walked downtown to scope out the line situation before the next morning.  Fans were already lined up outside for the Metallica show that night.  While I was talking to a security guard, another fan (about half my age or younger) came up and asked security where to line up, because he was going to camp out.  Needless to say we freaked a bit.  We had planned to get more sleep, because we knew we were on the verge of exhaustion.  So we debated lining up earlier.  It was getting close to time for Shifty’s show, so we went back to the hotel, cleaned up and headed to the Colectivo Coffee House.  He was sitting in his SUV outside the venue when we arrived.  We waited for a bit before the doors opened.  Oddly enough, no one else wanted to be directly in front of the stage, so we were at the front, even though we were about 50th in line.  We were able to get drinks and say hi to quite a few people that we knew beforehand.  During the show, Juliette videochatted Sarah so that she was able to watch as well.  Even Shifty mentioned something about it.  After the show, I overhead the girl next to me, Stacy, talking about that she was going to wait for rail tomorrow for the Foo show.  She was preparing to have a hip replacement a month later, so I offered to help make sure she got up front for her last pit experience.  We ended up hanging out with her for quite some time after Shifty’s show, and stayed up way too late.  She also introduced me to Casamigos tequila that night (I was a die hard Patron silver fan until then).

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