10/17/18 Milwaukee – Foo Fighters at Fiserv Forum

We both decided not to rush to the line on Foo day, so we waited until just before 6 a.m.  A few of our friends had stayed overnight in line from 11ish p.m.  It was another chilly morning, but at least we knew where we were supposed to line up, and there weren’t many people there yet.  Several of our other friends showed up pretty quickly that morning too.  We passed the time chatting, and huddled up in our sleeping bags.  By the mid afternoon, the wind picked up near our area.  When we went to grab lunch or go to the bathrooms, we nearly froze.  Although we couldn’t hear it well, Local H was about 100 yards away playing a set at 5 p.m.  Our side of the building had been in the shade all day, so we were anxious to get into the venue that evening.  We headed straight for our spots and got them.  Stacy got right between us and was thrilled to be that close.  Coincidentally, she and I were both in Motorhead shirts that day too.  The set list that night was different.  The Foos didn’t end with Everlong, but with Best of You.  Juliette and I  both left the arena feeling like something was off.  We didn’t have the normal adrenaline high from seeing a Foos show.  We were almost sad afterward.  As soon as the show ended about 11:30 p.m., we had to make the 5.5 hr drive to St. Paul right away.

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