10/18/18 St. Paul – Foo Fighters at Xcel Energy Center

The drive to St. Paul was a scary one.  We were both beyond exhausted, and were having to switch drivers every 30 to 60 minutes.  I lost count of the times we switched out.  But, we were traveling with the red semis again, which was awesome.  We finally got to St. Paul about 6:15 a.m.  and drove around the venue once.  We couldn’t believe it, we were the first two in line.  We texted our friends and let them know we’d arrived.  We parked and scurried to the door to set up our chairs.  We marked 1 and 2 on our hands for the last time for a month, and set up our chairs.  Our friends arrived a few minutes later, and then security came out.  We expected to be forced to wait on the sidewalk until noon or so.  But instead, security told us we could wait inside right next to the metal detectors.  No wind, rain or cold!  We didn’t have a hotel until after the show, and our friends, Marlo and Ali, let us use their hotel bathroom for showers and to change.  Then we went back to the line and started sleeping.  We both dozed on off for a bit, and finally fell asleep.  I was propped up in my blue lawn chair and stool, and Juliette was on the floor, both still in our comfy sleeping bags.  We woke up to people jumping over us and excitement.  We were told that Yeti came out to the line, and talked to people for 5 to 10 minutes.  Then he started throwing guitar picks at us.  For reference, Juliette had been holding a “I Love Yeti” sign all week, so he knew us.  People were jumping over us to get the picks.  Needless to say, we didn’t get any of the picks and had only had about 2 hours of uncomfortable sleep.  The tired really got to me that day.  After I woke up, I just didn’t feel right. I ate some pizza and tried sleeping some more.  By a couple of hours before doors, I honestly was not sure if I should go to the show.  It was the worst I’d felt before a show ever.  Looking back, I’m pretty sure it was just exhaustion.  When the doors opened, a GA ticketholder’s worst nightmare happened.  I’d been sitting in front of metal detector #2 all day.  When the gates opened, it wouldn’t work.  After about 10-15 people got in ahead of me, I jumped to the other line and rushed down to the floor.  The rail was nearly full.  Thank goodness for my wonderful Foo friends.  Juliette and Ali saved my spot, so I had it all 5 nights.  Without them, I might not have gotten anywhere near my favorite spot on rail.  The concert was spectacular.  You could tell the band saved up energy for it.  We even got White Limo in the encore.  I didn’t even bother taking very many pictures, and tried to enjoy the performance.  We checked into our hotel after the show, and tried finding an open bar, but everything had closed by then.  We said bye the next morning, and I drove the 10.5 hours back to my house in Indiana.

Total time in line this week: 67 hrs                Total sleep this week: 26 hrs

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