Designercon with Chevy Metal and John 5

We made the trek to Designercon in Anaheim, California to see the Chevy Metal/John 5 show in mid-November.  I was exhausted for a good week after we got back, so I’m a little late in posting pics and videos. You can find them in the Gallery.  We got in line 15 hours early and were at the front.  It was a great show, and trip.  Although, I don’t plan to do 8 hrs of total sleep for 4 days again any time soon.

Mick Murphy came back to Chevy Metal for this show, because Brent Woods had another show.  The Chevy show was awesome.  I think I was the only one of my friends who knew who John 5 was before the show, and he really impressed too.  I’ll be going to his show in March when he comes to Indianapolis, plus the next time he comes around with Rob Zombie.  In the meantime, I’m counting down to Foolanta and New Orleans in February.

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