Common questions we get asked about our Foocation.

How many times have you seen the Foo Fighters?

Diana:  This year?  It’s bad when you answer that question with “this year.”  In total, I’ve seen them 16 times, 11 were this year.  First Foo concert was in April 2000 when they toured with Red Hot Chili Peppers. I actually left halfway into the Chili Peppers set, because I only went to see Foo.  I went 15 years without seeing them though, because we were super poor in our 20s, and then had little kids.

Juliette:  I’ve seen them 11 times and that was all this tour (Concrete and Gold). I was only 13 when I got into them and no way my uber right wing conservative parents would ever let me go to a rock and roll show. As I became an adult I never had the means to go until this tour. I left my husband at the beginning of the year so I was completely free to travel as I pleased.

What made you want to follow them for a week?

Diana:  I’ve actually wanted to follow the Foo around on tour since I was probably 15 and the second album came out.  There were a lot of years when I couldn’t attend concerts, and I’m making up for lost time now.  Now, I have the resources to do it, so why not.

Juliette:  I went to the first show in Des Moines. After that amazing show, I decided this can’t be the end. I have to see them again. I was hooked. So I bought tickets to the Wrigley show the next summer the morning after that show. Then as Wrigley was approaching they added more and more dates in the Midwest. It went from well I’ll just go to Indianapolis and Saint Paul as well to well I could probably swing Kansas City. To, well might as well do St. Louis too...okay add Detroit. Since I met my best Foo friend forever in Indianapolis (Diana), she was a bad influence on me! I decided last minute to go to the pop up show. They were doing early entry for those with CalJam tickets, so naturally I added CalJam in there too. Milwaukee was a fluke because I wasn’t going to that show, I really wasn’t! Then my car rental fell through and I had no choice but to hop back in the car with my bestie and keep on to that one. And that was probably the best thing that could have happened.

Why do you go to so many shows?

Diana:  Wouldn’t you follow around your favorite band for a week, if you had the opportunity?   I missed seeing some of my favorite bands before they broke up, and I regret it.  I've decided to see every show I can now.

Juliette:  Because it’s an addiction. Once you see the greatest live band of your time, you want to keep reliving that feeling as many times as possible.

Would you follow them for a week again?

Diana: Absolutely, and we’re already making plans for the next tour.  Possibly slightly longer than a week, depending on the timing.

Juliette:  In a second. We’re already planning doing it for every leg of the next tour.

What's the craziest thing you saw all week?

Diana:  The extent of the fandom.  I grew up in the era where you either ran into celebrities in public or waited at the buses after the show for an autograph (long before selfies).  We actually met some other Foo fans (who were super nice), but they who followed the buses. Some booked rooms in the same hotels, once they knew where the band was staying.  Others hid in the hotel landscaping to catch a glimpse.  And, some just rode their hotel elevator up and down until they met them.  All of those are crossing a line to me.  Anything at the venue on concert day is fair game though.

Juliette:  That’s a hard one to choose from! I would have to say the time in St. Louis, 40 of us waiting in lines lives were saved by a Foo Freighter semi truck. A man driving a car with two small children was texting and on drugs when he T-boned right into the semi. If that truck wasn’t there we wouldn’t be answering these questions right now. So you could say that the Foo Fighters saved our lives that day.

Who's your favorite Foo?

Diana:  Dave, hands down.  But Pat was a close second until this week.  I may have to switch to Team Shifty before the next show though.  He was super nice at the acoustic shows and just seemed to have a genuinely good time that week.  He also tried to make time for the fans after his solo shows.  It’s amazing to me, that he’s playing to 20-25k sold out arenas one night and at a bar to 250 the next.

Juliette:  Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Taylor Hawkins through and through!I got some pretty amazing Taylor moments through out that week too.

How could you afford to follow them for a week?

Diana:  I bought the tickets throughout the year, so purchases were spread out.  It worked out great to have a Foo buddy along for the traveling.  We were able to split the cost of hotel rooms, and Uber. So, I rarely paid more than $100/night for a room.  It was much cheaper than my last actual vacation to the beach.

Juliette:  It’s actually not nearly as expensive as you would think it is. If you want to make it happen you can make it happen. I promise.

What about your job?

Diana: I was out of vacation days, so I worked ahead the week I left (left on a Thursday), and I came back home the next Friday night.  The day after I got home, I worked more than an 8 hour day.  I think some people at my work are entertained by my craziness.

Juliette:  I own my own business doing pet care and in home pet sitting. I have an assistant who takes over for me when I leave town.

Did the band or crew remember you?

Diana:  Absolutely.  Several band members would smile at us or point us out after multiple nights.  The crew for sure remembered us, especially the guitar and drum techs.  By our last morning, we were exhausted and sleeping in line.  Apparently we were sleeping very sound, Juliette on the floor and I was in my chair.  Yeti, the drum tech, came out to talk to people, and was there about 5-10 minutes.  He started throwing Foo guitar picks at us, so we woke up to people jumping over us to get to the picks.  Dave pointed us out at the last concert too, in addition to singing to us multiple times.

Juliette:  Oh for a fact. I was wearing my Hawk hat at every show and Taylor remembered me every time he came out. Not to mention we saw Shifty every single day that week so when he saw us by the 4th day he called Diana and I crazy ladies. I was also holding up a sign before the opening band would come on saying I heart Yeti. He recognized us every time and would even come over to talk. That was one of my favorite things that would happen.

What was your worst experience?

Diana:  St Louis.   Both the car hitting the semi-trailer, and the drunk guy pouring his water on me (see story for details).  I have no desire to ever go back to downtown St. Louis.  I might go if Foos played there again…maybe.

Juliette: St. Louis in general. From the homeless people stacked on top of each other when we tried to line up, to the car accident, to the 0 amount of sleep we got between Kansas City and St. Louis, to the drunk jerks behind us in the pit who were making plans to take our spots on the rail.

What do you do with your stuff before the show?

Diana:  We plan our time so that we have a chance to run it back to the hotel or car before the doors open.  Some people trash their stuff though.

What does your family think of it?

Diana:  My husband isn’t thrilled, but he doesn’t say much about it.  He wants to go on the upcoming NOLA trip just for the food.  My 9-year-old gets it, and was ready to get rid of me the second I came home.  My 6-year-old did have some issues with me being gone for a week, so I’m hoping he’ll be a few years older when the Foos tour again.  My extended family all think I’m crazy, if they know I even went.

Juliette:  I’m not close with my family so they don’t know. My friends all think I’m absolutely crazy though...maybe they are right. Good thing I met Diana, someone equally as crazy!

Do you go to any other concerts?

Diana:  I’m a huge music buff. This year I also went to Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson, and Greta Van Fleet.  I’m planning to see John 5, Chevy Metal, Gangs of Youth, Reverend Peyton and possibly The Struts before the end of the year.  Next year, I was thinking about Metallica and KISS, but then they announced ticket prices.

Juliette:  Surprisingly yes! I saw Justin Timberlake a couple times this year, Chevy Metal, Shakey Graves, Bullet Boys and Enuffz Enuff. I have Chevy Metal and The Struts coming up as well.